Police connect two accidents

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A Houston man caused two accidents in East Texas Wednesday, and now police in Lufkin and Diboll are trying to make sure these weren't just the actions of a bad driver.

Police Chief Kent Havard said, "Him not coming, applying his brakes in this situation really raises some questions about the state that he was in at that point. I mean was there something that affected him from the first accident?"

They hope to have answers to that once they receive Issac Milstid's medical records. They also plan to file a complaint with the Medical Advisory Board against him.

It's a rare move, but one they say is necessary here. "This is only the second time in my 20 plus years in law enforcement that I've been involved in this process so it doesn't happen all the time," Havard explained. "But you really have to look at all the factors that went into a particular accident, in this case two accidents."

Lufkin police are still investigating the fatal accident on Highway 59 south that Milstid caused. They too are looking into possible medical problems.

"In a phone conversation with him today he seemed to be very confused," Lt. David Young with Lufkin police told KTRE. "He did not seem to remember where he had his accident yesterday and his companion that was with him wasn't aware he was involved in an accident where someone died."

Young also says the charges in the Lufkin accident could be upgraded because the woman taken to the hospital died a short time later.   The grand jury could charge Milstid with vehicular manslaughter, homicidal manslaughter or just charge him for the illegal turn.