Woman mad at son and towing charges following an invalid insurance ticket

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Bessie Griffin has this warning for motorists in Nacogdoches.   " Keep your insurance card somewhere near our vehicle. In your purse, in your pocket, in your shoe. Where ever you can take it. "

Griffin owns a car that she lets her son drive. She received her new proof of insurance card just days before the 33 year old got pulled over by Nacogdoches police. He hadn't been home for her to give him the card. In the meantime, he gets cited for a suspended drivers license.    " If I knew his drivers license wasn't valid, he wouldn't had been driving no car of mine," said Griffin. Because it's her car, Griffin is cited for invalid insurance. She rushes down to show police the new card. At the exact moment the tow truck passes by. She's stuck with the bill. Griffin said,  " The bank was closed, so I had to wait until the next day and I went in the next day to retrieve my car, it cost me $199.15. "

Griffin doesn't know what she's the maddest over, the towing charges or her son. She goes on and on while standing in front of a car that was basic white when she bought it, but has since been given a flashy paint job with her son's nickname plastered across the doors in huge lettering.  " These young folks will not listen. All this stuff he got on this car. All this stuff, all these expensive tires. All these expensive rims, all this paint job, all these tinted windows." All the kind of changes that griffin says creates attention. In this case, with the wrong person.

Griffin holds down three jobs. Every dime is important to her. She said,  " I can understand why the officer did what he did, but what I cant understand is why was this so expensive for me to get my car. " The fees are set by the city and regulated by the state. The wrecker service owner was just doing his job. Sgt. Greg Sowell knows,  " Some of these situations are unfortunate. We want people to know we are serious about enforcing this law. "

During the first month of the invalid insurance ordinance, 72 vehicles were towed in Nacogdoches. Of the 72 vehicles towed, 64 were released after insurance was obtained....for a charge.

The story ends well. The judge dropped the invalid insurance charges. Griffin is given $100 by a good friend and her son is working off the bill's balance. Even so, his mother is holding the keys until her gets his priorities straight.