Hudgins' claim process deadline about a month away

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - George D. Hudgins is the Nacogdoches businessman facing allegations that he swindled millions of dollars from investors in a phony commodity pool. He's cooperating with investigators, but to what extent?   The receiver in the Hudgins case wants any investor whose not on Hudgins' submitted investor list and who hasn't already come forward to do so now. He wants to make sure there aren't more names...and add to the list.

Kelly Crawford said from Dallas,   " The deadline for all the investors or creditors who believe that they are owed money by Mr. Hudgins to file a claim with me is September 1st,which is pretty soon. "   Crawford will analyze all the claims based on bank records.  "And then we'll make recommendations a month later. Investors will have the opportunity to object to my analysis before the court," said Kelly. The schedule has the claims to be finalized in November.  Disbursement of money could begin at that time.