Electric bills on the rise

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Energy prices continue to rise and that means electric bills are climbing higher each month. Now, Oncor electric delivery has requested to raise their rates. "The average bill on the system for about 1,300 kilowatt hours that we see represents about 2.7 percent increase or about five dollars and nine cents a month to the consumer," David Collier with Oncor explained.

The decision on that isn't expected to come until sometime in 2009. While Oncor delivers the electricity, they aren't the one's who get it in your home. That's what companies like TXU and Reliant do.

But you'll still feel the effects if they change their rates "They set the cost for each of the consumers for what they charge for electricity and the delivery charge has always been part of that cost that they pass on," Collier said. And Even though Oncors increase has only been proposed, TXU has already sent a letter to its customers warning them rates will go up in just a few months.

Oncor says there are ways to keep your bill low by changing your air filter regularly, raise the thermostat during the day and always make sure every vent is open. Collier further explained that, "Any of the air conditioner dealers will tell you that you can't back up that air into the system and make it go somewhere else. That duct run will actually start going somewhere else and start losing air out of the duct because it's the pressures too high coming in."

If Oncors rate increase is approved by the Public Utility Commission, it will be the first adjustment since 2001.