Gas Thieves

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Gas prices are on the verge of hitting the four dollar mark and some stations are already selling for more than that. But not everybody is ready to pay the high price so their filling up and leaving the bill with the gas stations. "I mean your normal fill up is going to be 40 to 60 dollars so you have one drive off and you've just wasted nearly a full days profit off of gas," gas station manager John Gillespie said.

A few of the stations in the area say they've had problems with drive offs but it didn't take long for them to get ahead of the game and make customers pay before they pumped. Gillespie explained, "Once it got up to around 2 dollars a gallon we switched over to that. Before that did you all see a lot of drive offs? It was probably around one or two every couple of weeks or something."

But most of the stations told us the new policies have stopped that. And some stations have even put up security cameras to make it easier to catch the thieves. And the Pal's manager says getting caught costs a lot more than a tank of gas. "You drive off, you get caught, you lose your license. You have to think twice about it now a days because you get caught without a drivers license then you're looking at least a 200 dollar fine and a chance of going to jail so it's just not worth it, steal 40 dollars in gas and get your license taken away."