Sex Offenders Caught

by Christa Lollis

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Attorney General Greg Abbott has posted these mug shots on his web site to warn parents. He said, "Despite clear legal prohibitions, all five of these sex predators accessed Parents and children alike must remain vigilant about the dangers posed by online sex predators."

Today, we asked East Texans how much freedom they thought kids should get when they're surfing the web. The answer was the same across the board. "You got all these predators and everything like that so if you at least monitor and let them know that you do care and you let them know that you're watching, check it out I think that it would probably wouldn't be acting like the way they do most of the time."

Others said, their own experiences have taught them that when it comes to the chatting on the Internet, you never know who you're dealing with. "I used to chat when I was younger and there's some very sick individuals online and you never know who you're chatting with, where they live and they can just enter a child's mind and lure them in."

The Attorney General has been working with MySpace since 2007. He has subpoenaed sex offenders profiles from them but he says all the networking sites need to have stricter policies. "These arrests reflect's ongoing willingness to work cooperatively with law enforcement. However, until and other social networking sites implement true age verification software, dangerous sex offenders will continue using these Web sites to prey upon young children."

According to Abbott MySpace has made some profiles private and they now screen profiles for inappropriate content.