Staying safe in the East Texas heat

Every day, all day long, you see them outside, doing their job.

"It's very hot. It gets up to 100 every day with the heat index. It's very warm," says Travis Campbell with TxDOT.

With the East Texas heat, it makes it really hard for people working outside.

"The heat is just something you've got to deal with.  Out there on the asphalt with the sun beating down on you, it gets hot," says Campbell.

But it's more than dealing with it.  Memorial ER Doctor and Medical Director Kerry Evans says it's about staying safe and knowing what to look for.

"Cramping is the most common early sign, dizziness, lightheadedness and of course profuse sweating.  If you see those signs, sit down, stay cool and start drinking fluids," says Dr. Evans.

But that's just heat illness. Dr. Evan's says it gets worse from there.

"Heat illness is the early signs and symptoms. Heat Stroke is more advanced. Delusional, confused, convulsions, that type of thing."

His advice to keep illness from striking, "Try to stay cool, drink lots of water, stay in the shade, cool off and don't get too hot to begin with.  Keep covered, keep skin covered, wear light colored clothing and wear a hat. Keep a cold cloth on your neck and drink plenty of fluids."

But for those who do work in the sun, don't feel bad for them just yet.

"I enjoy the work I'm doing out here, for the most part. It's way better than being stuck in an office all day. I enjoy it," says Campbell.  He says the heat is definitely something you just learn to deal with.

"After you've been out here in the summer it seems to get a little better. But around 2:00 to 3:00pm it gets pretty tough, but you get used to it after a while."

Dr. Evans also says not to forget about babies and pets and accidentally leave them in your car.