Make-A-Wish, Boot Camp Style

TYLER, TX (KLTV)- 'The few, the proud, the Marines' - it's a slogan one East Texas teenager swears by, and one day dreams to be a part of.

13 year old Kyle Drott's wish has been granted, thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation and the United States Marine Corp.

"Kyle Drott reporting for duty, sir."

13 year old Kyle Drott of Tyler is one tough kid.

"Are you hungry?" "Yes, sir!" "Are you sure?" Yes, sir!"

Not only can he stand up to a United States Marine, but also not let a life-threatening illness stop him from fighting for his dreams.

"He can joke about cancer and what he's been through. He says cancer has been a blessing because it's given him an opportunity to be stronger," said Kyle's dad, Earl Drott.

"Kyle Drott, you have been recruited into the United States Marine Corps."

It's not your typical wish. No, Kyle didn't want to go to Disney World, or meet a professional athlete.

"Thank you, sir," says Kyle.

These men in blue are his heroes, and Kyle wanted nothing else, but to go to Paris Island, South Carolina and attend boot camp.

"I was 9 years old, and it was Saturday morning, and I was watching Marine Corp Boot Camp program on the Military Channel and it just sparked something," said Kyle.

"He wants to go to Paris Island," said Kyle's wish granter, Susie Presswood, "which he says is the tougher boot camp. He's researched it all."

At his surprise party today, Kyle was officially welcomed into the Marine Corps.

He was even given a cannon shell used during Ronald Reagan's funeral.

"It's everything you want for your kid, it gives him a lift and attitude is everything," said Earl.

"Thank you for the best 30 minutes of my life," said Kyle.

One thing's for sure - Kyle's got the lungs for the Marines.


Kyle and his family leave for Paris Island on August 5th, and will attend boot camp for five days. The Make-A-Wish Foundation says there will be plenty of surprises for Kyle while he is there.