Delinquent properties go on auction block

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Description numbers on tax properties are read in a monotone voice by Nacogdoches County Judge Joe English. It sort of a mantra of struck-off property.   The numbers were read on three properties. Pleasantly, the number of tax delinquent Nacogdoches County properties isn't higher than usual.    " I know the economy is going bad right now and I haven't really seen an increase in the amount of property that has been struck off at this point, " said English.

In fact, the appraisal district's collection agency had the best collection rate in over a decade. Chief appraiser Gary Woods said,  " The lawsuits and the tax rolls are very consistent with what they normally run as far as whose paid and whose not paid, how many lawsuits we've filed, how many properties we've taken to judgement. We have not seen a change due to economics. "

Interested buyers often come away with a bargain. B.W. Stripling did.    " I've done pretty good with it. I've bought one residence here in the city, in nacogdoches. It was a pretty good buy and I bought one farm out in the community, a broiler farm. "

The current collection rate is going good, but that can change in an uncertain economy.    The goal is to keep the property on the tax rolls, out of fairness for those taxpayers who pay on time. You can learn more about the properties up for sale at