Dog owner publishes letter about pet's death

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The owner of a small dog that was allegedly killed too soon by the Nacogdoches Animal Shelter wants to tell the public her story, after the incident led to the firing of the shelter supervisor.  Elizabeth Malpass says she's paying hundreds of dollars to publish a lengthy letter in the local newspaper about her dog, Mac.   The small dog strayed on June 20th. Malpass writes that she frantically searched for the mutt and checked with the shelter. Later that same day, the animal was turned into the shelter by a woman who agreed to foster the animal when she had space available. Malpass learned from a friend that her dog was at the shelter, and made arrangements to pick him up. Instead, Mac was euthinized the very day he was dropped off, though malpass says Mac qualified for a 72 hour grace period.

The SFA professor didn't want to be interviewed for this story. However, she wants to present some serious questions about the shelter operation. Malpass wrote, "..I believe, such violations can be proved or disproved rather simply by proper investigation. Certainly, they need to be examined immediately, thoroughly, along with any similar issues, before another pet dies."

Shelter supervisor Jennifer Harris is appealing her firing before a grievance committee.