Firefighters go to South Texas to help with hurricane relief

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Three Nacogdoches firefighters are in South Texas as part of the State's emergency response to Hurricane Dolly. Nacogdoches Battalion Chief Joseph Ramirez and Captain Robert Ford are serving on the state's Type III Incident Management Team under the direction of the Texas Forest Service. They will provide support and overhead if needed. The other firefighter, Driver/Engineer Travis Vanscoder is serving with Texas Task Force I, under the FEMA program.

Chief Keith Kiplinger said, "Several years ago when the space shuttle disaster happened in Nacogdoches we had outside agencies come in and help get things back in order, to get back on our feet and so particularly with the state Incident Management Team and the Texas Task Force I, Urban Search and Rescue group is our way of being able to give back."

The Nacogdoches Fire Department Water Rescue team is on standby if needed for search and rescue in South Texas. Meanwhile, the Nacogdoches Fire Department remains fully staffed for emergencies here at home.