Amber Alert will soon be launched

DEEP EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - The Amber Alert system has become a vital tool for recovering lost or kidnapped children, and now, it's being put to better use in Deep East Texas.   On August 1st, local law enforcement and media will issue the first test of the Deep East Texas Regional Amber Alert. After that, if an actual alert is issued, the emergency tone will be followed by a description of the missing child.   Amber Alert coordinator Melissa Russell said, " I want people to become familiar with the tone. I want people to know what to expect. I would hate for the system not to work when we really need it. "   The new plan includes law enforcement from 8 counties, and several different broadcasters including KTRE.

A test of the system will be conducted at noon on August 1st.   Citizens will hear the Amber Alert followed by the EAS emergency message advising it is only a test.  During an actual AMBER Alert, the Amber Alert tones will be followed with the child's/suspect description and when available a vehicle description.

Citizens will also be notified through flyers, electronic billboards, email, text messages and other means.

Citizens can sign up to receive free Amber Alert text messages on their cell phones or pagers by going to

Businesses can sign up to receive Amber Alert faxes by going to