Pilgrims Pride Facing Lawsuit

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - This letter has been sent to 50 thousand people who work or have worked at Pilgrims Pride sometime after May 2005 as chicken processors. It's letting those employees know a collective action lawsuit against the company has started.

Thousands of employees, including one that didn't want to be identified, are claiming their time sheets didn't reflect the time they actually worked. "You would have to come in, put your smock on, put your gloves on and anything else that you were required to wear and then you clock in and be on the line."

That former employee says it takes off 5 minutes before your shift and five minutes after. When you're working six or seven days a week, you lose an hour of pay each week.

Despite what the employees say and the lawsuit that's been filed Pilgrims Pride is maintaining their innocence. In a statement to KTRE the company said quote, "Pilgrim's Pride believes that we did properly pay our employees, and we intend to show that in the lawsuit."

But eight thousand employees have already signed up to prove Pilgrims Pride did cheat them out of their money and they want it back. One of them said, "There are people there that work 7 days out of the week and they work like 12 to 14 hours. They work like seriously hard. It's not like a job that you can just come and sit down. It's hard labor just like it says and I think they deserve every penny."

Anyone who wants to join the lawsuit has until September to sign up.