Some gas saving myths hold true

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Pull up to the pump and get ready to pay.  Prices are down slightly, but it's still not enough.

So what can we do to cut consumption?  Experts say no additive or pill will save you fuel.

Neither will cutting the A.C. Off.  A consumer report study shows you only save a mile per gallon, which isn't a lot.

"Top off your tank, but once it stops, don't keep trying to shove fuel into the vehicle," says Todd Sampson with Al Meyer Ford Mitsubishi.

Sampson says it just costs more and doesn't give you a significant more amount of gas.  And it could cost you and cause vapors to leak out.

"Especially with a Ford product, it can turn on the check engine light.  The emissions system on a Ford product checks to make sure vapors are not escaping and getting into the ozone layer."

But there are some myths that actually work.

"A vehicle can have a half a tank in the morning, and when you come out in the afternoon and it will show you have more fuel. It's because it's expanded," which also explains why it's better to fill up in the morning.

Petroleum experts say the ground is cooler in the A.M., which means you get more, because gas is denser.

"Another way to increase fuel economy is not use cruise control in a hilly area. You can use it on a flat area, where the vehicle maintains speed. But in a hilly area, it makes the engine go into a full throttle mode."

And of course our tires must be aired up.

"Keeping tires inflated reduces rolling resistance. Any resistance on the car will decrease fuel economy. So if you keep tires inflated to a proper level, the vehicle has less resistance and can get more fuel economy," says Sampson.

So don't forget to keep up with your vehicle and take it for a check-up every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Sampson says, "Lots of people neglect their vehicles. And we have the saying, 'pay now or pay later,' and it's going to be more later if you don't do your maintenance."