Texans open camp healthy

By Coleman Swierc

HOUSTON, TX (KTRE) - Coming off the most successful season in franchise history, it was a day full of optimism for the Houston Texans as they took the field for the first official day of training camp

"We had a good taste of victory last year," starting quarterback Matt Schaub says.  "But we are no where near where we need to be. It is just a matter of going out and working to get better, and improving our game, so come September, we can play solid football for four quarters."

"We are just trying to start one day at a time," defensive end Mario Williams says.  "And take it that way, and like you said about intensity, we know we have to do it everyday, and focus on the day we are at. Today was the day to go out and do business."

Postseason expectations for the Texans are at an all time high, coming off an 8-8 season last year.  If the team wants to make a run to the playoffs, they will need to stay out of medical training center, where numerous Texans spent the majority of last year.

"I feel really good and feel healthy," Schaub says.  "Everything feels strong and ready to go, it is just a matter of getting hit again. We have not been hit since December so it is just a matter of everyone getting back into that physical shape."

Schaub, running back Ahman Green and wide out Andre Johnson missed a combined 22 games last year.  A number that will need to be reduced greatly if the Texans want to make a serious run to the playoffs.