Beer and beef theft

by Christa Lollis

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - A crime spree in Nacogdoches started with police getting a call that 2 men were trying to steal nearly 600 dollars worth of groceries but they soon learned that wasn't the thieves only stop.

Lt. Goerner with Nacogdoches police said, "Along the day we found that between the hours of 10 and noon four different grocery stores were victimized by a subject going in and attempting to steal groceries, mostly beer and meat."

At Brookshire brothers on South Street the suspects caught the employees attention when they started stocking up on meat. "There's a bunch of empty boxes and he takes the boxes and puts them in his empty shopping cart and just starts loading them up full of meat," Brookshire Brothers Store Director, Shawn Mason explained.

The two men spent more than an hour there trying to get the groceries outside. They even tried to just walk out the door with the cart. Mason said, "Then at the last minute they saw they couldn't do that so they, instead of even giving up then they went further, and went to the register and went to make you think they were going to pay for it and then at that point they even attempted to take it."

But the cashiers stopped them in their tracks. And that was just one of the stores they hit. They also went to Save-a-Lot, Kroger and Wal-Mart, all on North Street. "The other three stores the suspect was approached and confronted by employees and at that time he fled the area without any of the items," Goerner said. At Save-a-Lot they managed to get 400 dollars worth of items.

Later in the day Henderson police found the suspects car unattended. Now police are trying to confirm their identities so they can be arrested.