Fatality Numbers Up

by Christa Lollis

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - Just in the last week, three people have died in fatal accidents in East Texas. There was one in Lufkin and also one in Shelby and Angelina counties.

Greg Sanches with DPS says, "It seems like lately we have had an increase in people getting killed on the highways but another thing too though, it's summer time and a lot more cars are on the roadway, people traveling, vacationing, things of that nature."

So Sanches and other troopers are warning East Texans to take their time and watch their speed. "Being a good defensive driver and people need to slow down, they need to pay attention to the roadway, watch those distractions such as cell phones things of that nature, following too close."

With gas prices on the rise, more people seem to be ditching their cars for more fuel efficient modes of transportation, but Sanches says, having more motorcycles and mopeds on the road can create even more issues. "They stop real quick and motorcycle drivers again that they need to drive different than cars do. They have to be a lot more defensive in their driving."

But whether you're driving a vehicle with two wheels or 4, Sanches explains that you could become part of the statistics when you're out on the road. "Driving is a big responsibility. We lose a lot of people in the United States, in fact just right at 43-thousand people that we lose a year on the highways and that averages out about 117 people that die a day."

Troopers say, keeping your eyes on the road and on the drivers around you will make them a safer place.