Hudson department needs donations

by Christa Lollis

HUDSON, TX (KTRE) - Trailers and trucks and training can get very expensive for a volunteer fire department and search and rescue team. That's why Hudson reached out to East Texans today.

Mike Stephens with the department says, "We do not get reimbursed for anything to as I've said before. We buy our own equipment and the one's of us that are dog handlers, those dogs live with us, we purchase them if there's a purchase fee on them. We take care of their vet bills."

While many people are trying to hold on to every dollar right now, the crew at Hudson says this community hasn't forgotten about them. "The community has been very good to us," Stephens said, "We have had a great response today. We've taken a large number of preorders and deliveries to businesses and people have started to come in here and have really supported us even at the greater cost to them."

But the team can never have too much money. Since they're all volunteer they have to continually raise money to keep their station in operation. And without them in service, East Texans could be left waiting for help for a long time.

"Support your community. You know it could be your friend or family member one day that we come out to assist and locate and to bring them home," Stephens explained.

Right now the department is trying to stock their trailer to help better assist in searches.