School districts challenged by rising food costs

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - The free lunch summer program is winding down. One little boy shouts,  " It was awesome." On average in Nacogdoches 300 meals are served a day. The meal plan will continue during the regular school year for many more qualified children. Add to it all the other students who will be required to pay.

Central kitchen manager, Teresa Morales has been watching the numbers grow.  " For the past two years we've been looking like 2200, 2300. A lot of kids. A lot of schools, new schools have been opening up. "

Director of Student Nutrition, Vanessa Hooper recently told school board members that, " Contrary to what many people believe the breakfast and lunch programs don't receive special funds." The price of a school lunch must increase, along with everything else.   Peggy Thorn is director of middle school kitchens.  " It's hitting every body's pocketbook in different areas. Lunches, clothes, shoes. We're going to see a crunch down this year, I believe. "

So the Nutrition Department is taking steps to keep their costs down. Morales said, " We really have to watch the amount for each individual item. How much it's costing us per item. "   The goal is to serve what children will eat. Hamburgers was served on this day. In moderation it doesn't sacrifice quality.   Morales said, " We're trying to do the quality food, the best food we can do with the best prices we can get through our vendors. "

Thanks to the generosity of local businesses, a bicycle drawing served as an incentive for kids to keep coming back for healthy foods. In the fall it will be up to the parents to maintain the habit.

NISD Recognition

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