Fad diet claims 10 pounds in three days

EAST TEXAS (KTRE) - It claims you can lose 10 pounds in 3 days. A new fad diet circulating the internet that has health experts concerned about its rollcoaster effect on your body.

"I've tried peels," exclaimed 19 Year old Lesley Smith of Chandler. She says she has tried so many things to lose weight. Last year before her senior prom she tried a new diet.

"I just thought three days losing 10 pounds that works for me. So I tried it," said Lesley, "For three days you ate crackers, tuna, and piece of toast, and half a fruit."

The one page diet has been called "The 3 Day Cardiac Diet", and Birmingham Heart Hospital Diet." For three days Lesley followed it with no substitutions.

Showing you what you could have for breakfast, and this would be your lunch.

Elaine Aragon has been a registered dietitian for over twenty years. She says the day's food only adds up to about 700 calories, much less than the average american's diet.

"They lose weight, but most of it is going to be a water weight loss," saie Elaine.

Not only is it not enough food, Elaine says it's a problem because the diet calls for 3 days on, then 4 days off.

"It's just what happens after day three? Are you so hungry that you start binge eating?," said Elaine.

"Would you recommend this diet?," we asked. "No because for the most part most people are going to struggle with it," said Elaine.

Hungry and angry are just what it made Lesley.

"It didn't work. I did it for the three days and I think I lost maybe 5 pounds, and then I just felt sick so I quit doing it and went back to my regular stuff," said Lesley.

She gained the weight right back, but says the only thing that has worked for her is what health experts recommend.

"Eat healthy and exercise and that's the only way I can lose weight," said Lesley.