United Way of Angelina County Sets Budget Campaign

By Mystic Matthews - The United Way of Angelina County is moving forward with a brand new budget campaign for this year, after 23 area agencies came with requests for funds over the past three days.

After interviewing and questions, the united way board members decided on a fundraising goal of $600,000 for the 2008-2009cycle.

Campaign Chair Trent Ashby says it's a lot of money to raise, but knows the surrounding community will help make it happen.

"We set a budget, as we do every year, that is lofty. The $600,000 goal that we have set for ourselves is certainly not going to be easily obtainable. But we know with the giving nature and the compassion that the citizens of this county have for those agencies, that it's a very achievable goal."

This year, the Salvation Army is getting the biggest part of the campaign, with $90,000.

The fundraising kicks off in September and ends in November.

United Way of Angelina County

Budget Allocations 
Agency Allocation
Alcohol & Drug Abuse Council 30,000
Angelina Alliance for Children 10,000
Angelina Child Protective Services 7,000
Angelina County Senior Citizens 48,000
Boy Scouts 18,000
Boys & Girls Club 40,000
CASA 9,000
Girl Scouts 8,000
Hope Center 5,000
Hospice in the Pines 18,000
Lufkin Adult Learning Center 20,000
Lufkin Workshop 17,500
McMullen Library 10,000
Red Cross 25,000
Salvation Army 90,000
Samaritan Center 10,000
T.L.L. Temple Memorial Library 11,500
Temple Day Care 30,000
Women's Shelter 46,000
Volunteer Service Council Lufkin State School 5,000
X-Change Place 6,000
Emergency Relief 65,000
Campaign/Administration 71,000
Goal Total 600000