Tour of Homes expresses confidence by developers

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Enter just about any development along Appleby Sand Road, north of Nacogdoches and you'll hear the sound of construction tools. Some are so loud they can jar the senses, but developers want it to jar confidence in buyers. Developer and realtor, Mike Liebrum said,  " We've had new people coming just in the last month or so which gives us a new source of encouragement. And the prices are good. Building costs have come down just a little bit and we think that it's going to end up being a pretty good year. "

A tour of homes of 17 new homes, most on the ever growing Appleby Sand Road, are open to the public this weekend. Fancy entrances into gated communities lead the viewer to homes following the latest of designs. Contractor Michael Liebrum and Mike's son showed off the finer points of a home he designed.  " The open concept, as you can see. We have these grand arches that give the soft appeal to this home. It's wide open. You have a large line of sight, " he said from the wide open living room.

Twelve foot ceilings and kitchens equipped with the trendy appliances are just some of the enticements home builders use to encourage shoppers to become buyers. Numerous builders and subcontractors collaborate to let buyers know what's out there. Michael opens a shower pointing out,  " We've got faucets that were supplied by Morrison Supply in Lufkin. "

His dad does the marketing. He likes home tours because,  " It just gives people an opportunity to come in and look at the new trend in houses. To look at the new options you might have and there are quite a few options compared to ten years ago. "

Typically, this is the time of year people begin shopping the real estate market. Developers know it's not the best year, but it's certainly not the worst. They say the door of opportunity is opening for the home builder and buyer.

The Nacogdoches Tour of Homes continues Thursday until eight. On Saturday the homes will be open from one to seven. On Sunday from one to five. Tickets are five dollars and can be purchased at any of the homes on the tour. just look for the posted signs along Appleby Sand Road.