Feel the chill

by Christa Lollis

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - Turning the fan on can make the 100 degree heat seem a lot cooler. And radio station KSWP is helping East Texans chill out with their feel the chill fan drive. "A few years ago Community Action came to us and said this is a really tough time for us because we have a lot of people who want relief from the heat. It is a killer for people who can't get relief," Michelle Ross with KSWP explained.

But when you don't have a way to buy a fan it can make the Summer heat seem like it's lasting all year. So KSWP has stepped in the help East Texans. Ross said, "Normally we do the fan drive in June but if it's not really hot sometimes donations are down and then we moved it to July and I think this weekend is the hottest weekend so far which is really appropriate."

Now they're asking residents in the area to help make the rest of the Summer bearable and think about what it would be like with no air conditioning. "If you spend more than a day without a fan or an air conditioner you realize exactly how important they are and it's really not a high budget item either but if you're choosing between medication and a fan, medications going to come first," Ross said.

They're hoping with enough donations, community action can give fans to everyone on their list.