Man in Lufkin Hospital after wrecking with 18-wheeler

By Mystic Matthews

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Tuesday morning around 9:30, a man in a white compact car was trying to cross traffic at Loop 287 and 59 North when, according to eye-witness Terrance Rose, he pulled out in front of an 18-wheeler.

"I was traveling around the loop and witnessed this car here pulled out in front. He failed to yield right of way to the big truck. The truck driver did all he could to miss him but there was nothing he could do," says Rose.

Lufkin Police Sergeant David Walker agrees that the 18-wheeler driver tried to avoid the accident by switching lanes, but he struck the car.  His truck turned over, spilling his load of lumber.

"It scared me to witness it and I'm quite sure it scared the driver a lot more. One minute you're upright, the next minute you are laying on your side," says Rose.

The driver of the big rig was shaken, but not injured.  Officers had traffic shut down on the loop for some time while the lumber was removed.

The driver of the car was hospitalized at memorial in Lufkin, and is listed in stable condition.

"Anymore and the driver would have hit those concrete columns. I just thank God that everyone came out, a few injuries. I really feel bad for the driver of the car. Thank God no one got killed," says Rose.

In this case, officers say the driver of the car will probably get a ticket in the mail for failing to yield, but weren't worried about that.  They just wanted to make sure he survived.