Patrick 'Booger Red' Kelly Trial Begins With Child's Testimony

By Layron Livingston

TYLER, TX (East Texas News)- He's charged with organized criminal activity and aggravated sexual assault of a child.

Today, opening statements began in the case of Patrick 'Booger Red' Kelly, the third defendant in the Mineola child sex ring case.

"Ladies and gentleman of the jury, this case is about pure evil...and that's what you're going to here from the witnesses in this case."

With those opening words from Assistant DA Joe Murphy, the trial of Patrick Kelly was underway.

"At the end of which, I'll be very proud to stand up and ask you find the defendant guilty of what he is guilty of, which is engaging in organized criminal activity, which is forcing kids to have sex with one another so that he can make money."

The first witness was an 11-year-old girl who knew Patrick Kelly four years ago as "Booger Red".

The girl testified that before she got to dance at the Mineola club, she first had to graduate from a different kind of kindergarten.

"What would learn at that kindergarten?" the prosecutor asked.

"How to touch each other and how to dance," the girl replied. "How would they teach you how to touch each other?" asked the prosecutor. "They would use these dolls," said the girl.

Then it was the defense's turn, spending much of the day cross examining the witness.

"How many times have you been over to Booger Red's house?" asked the defense. "A lot, a lot, a lot of times," replied the girl.

In court, the little girl even drew a picture of what the defendant's house looked liked. Taking special time to draw a fire-pit, she says Kelly and Jaime Pittman, the first Mineola child sex ring defendant, used it for a specific purpose.

"How do you know what they were burning?" the defense asked. "Because I was there," said the witness. "That's where they burned the outfits and some of the tapes."

The defendant looked on silently as the girl testified for hours. She appeared exhausted, laying her head on the witness stand.

Court finally adjourned around 4:00 pm this afternoon with more testimony still to be heard.

The young witness will take the stand again tomorrow morning when the trial continues.

We will of course continue to follow this story and keep you updated.