Hotel-Motel industry going strong in Nacogdoches

NACOGDOCHES, TX ( KTRE ) - Hotel Nacogdoches has had its ups and downs with numerous owners over the years. The newest owner, Anita Rani is anticipating a new high. "It looks totally different than what it was before," she said overlooking a newly tiled swimming pool.   Other renovation will include over 100 rooms with the installation of new fixtures and furniture, a newly remodeled restaurant and bar, banquet facilities and a lobby complete with fireplace, wireless Internet and plasma televisions. The major renovations are following the strict standards set by Clarion Inn and Suites.

Rani just bought into the franchise. Her extended family is in the hospitality business, but this is her first venture. "Hotel marketing is strong, so we don't have any doubt. This part of the city has all the clientele. All the other hotels, almost all the time stay busy," said Rani.

Down the street a new Super 8 is under construction. Downtown, Hotel Fredonia is under a major renovation. All other hotels serve oil and gas workers, sightseers and other out of towners. Hotel motel tax revenue is up. Sheri Skeeters with the Nacogdoches Convention and Visitors Bureau said, " Last quarter we had an 8% increase over the same quarter the year before, so as far as our numbers here everything is looking very good."

Hotels often change names and affiliations. The management moves around too. In the general area of South Street where numerous hotels can be found, the staff has been known to move from one hotel to the other.   Hotels compete for business and experienced staff, but they also work together accommodating local events that bring in lots of people. Balbir Singh, Rani's brother in law,  has the residents in mind. "We're making special events for them to come in and use our facilities for their parties, socials and weddings." Rani said, "We are already getting booked up for the banquet room."

And the reservation should be fulfilled. All the construction work should be complete by mid November.