Feuding Neighbors

by Christa Lollis

ANGELINA COUNTY, TX (KTRE) - A he said, she said dispute between neighbors has lasted more than a year, and Susan Owens says, it started because her neighbors weren't happy with an addition to her property. She explains, "It all originally started back last summer, the beginning of last summer when they found out we were moving the double wide in."

But her neighbors, who didn't want to be identified, said their beef was with this fire they claim nearly burned down their fence and stripped the coating off. Owens says, the damage was minimal, and that now, you can't even tell it happened. But Owens husband was arrested for starting the fire, and that's not the only call the sheriff's office made that had her fuming.

There's another fence in question at the property line. Owns said, "The wire fence came down the same day the sheriff's department let them rip that fence down, we took down our old fence."

Though she admits that wire fence was on both properties, she doesn't feel the sheriff's office had a right to get involved. She told KTRE, "Actually the fence did look like in places it was one to two inches on their property but then there were places it was on our property."

The trouble doesn't stop there. Her neighbors also have a make shift shooting range set up. Owens has called 911 several times to complain about that. But the sheriff's office says, there's nothing they can do. Captain James Galloway explains, "It is legal to discharge firearms in the county as long as it is done so in a safe manor."

While the neighbors say they've never shot when anyone was around, Owens says otherwise. And now she wants them charged with deadly conduct. "What if I would have gotten shot, who would have taken care of my little 11 year old daughter?"

Owens says she's gotten mixed messages from the sheriff's office on what her neighbors can and can not do. The neighbors feel it's all been explained and they've done everything they've been asked to do.