Day spa and Botox business booming in East Texas

East Texas (KTRE) - In the relaxing world of facials and massages, places like Paradise Salon and Spa in Lufkin aren't relaxing. They're busier than ever.

"We seem to be seeing an increase in personal spa treatments, like body wraps, facials, massages. People say they are staying locally to go to the beach or the lake so they are coming in for a tuck or quick release so they can look better in their bathing suits," says hair-stylist Paige Rhodes.

And in the prickly world of Botox, medical spas like New Horizons in Nacogdoches thought with the economy, people would want less expensive procedures.

"We thought we would do more fillers since they aren't permanent, but that hasn't been the case," says Nurse Practitioner Bonnie Wittpenn.

The American Society for Dermatological Surgery says Botox sales jumped 13.5% last quarter alone, with $315.5 million spent, despite the economy and higher-than-ever gas prices.

"Nowadays, people are healthier, longer.  We are taking care of ourselves and inside we look good, so the outside should look good.  I think that has a lot to do with it," says Wittpenn.

And history shows women aren't going to give up looking good just because the world around them is slowing down.

"The Egyptian women always did something with make-up and hair. In WWII, they wore make-up and still got their hair done.  I think women feel better when their hair is done especially when their pocketbook and the economy don't feel so good. It feels good when you leave a salon, especially one that takes care of you, loves on you a little bit and makes you feel good when you leave," says Rhodes.

The International Spa Association says the average for a spa visit at this time is only about $79 and overall, one in four American adults has been to a spa to take advantage of that price.