Lufkin Police Report - 8/08/08

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 4400 Block S MEDFORD DR. Complainant reported that his truck was "keyed' Thursday night.

THEFT/B: 2200 Block S FIRST. Complainant reported that a male suspect stole several various items from a store Thursday evening and fled out the back emergency exit with the items.

THEFT: 100 Block N JOHN REDDITT. Complainant reported that a male suspect stole a digital grocery scanner from a store Thursday night.

INDECENT EXPOSURE: FRANKLIN @ JORDAN. Complainant reported seeing a young male masturbating in the bushes near the intersection Thursday afternoon.  The complainant said this is the second time in the past several days she has seen him there doing that there.

THEFT: 300 Block E DENMAN. Complainant reported internal theft where an employee failed to make a cash deposit in early July and is believed to have kept the cash.  The complainant also reported that the employee overpaid themselves for the past two weeks.

THEFT/B: 800 Block N FIRST ST. Complainant reported that a coin purse containing $200 cash was stolen from her Thursday morning when she had two visitors at her home.

THEFT/B: 100 Block N TIMBERLAND. Complainant reported that a pharmacy employee has been stealing pain medication for about a year.  The suspect gave a statement to the store's loss prevention officer and voluntarily returned a few of the pills.

THEFT: 3300 Block LOTUS. Complainant reported that money was stolen from her purse when she left the purse in her car with a friend for a short time Thursday morning.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 100 Block PARKVIEW. Complainant reported that a stereo, a jacket, a wallet and the front license plate to his car were stolen from his vehicle sometime Wednesday morning.

THEFT: 1900 Block FIRST. Complainant reported that a customer stole a sombrero from a restaurant after he was allowed to wear it in celebration of a birthday in his dining party.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF: 2400 Block W FRANK. Complainant reported that the top and trunk of her car was scratched up by some type sharp object Thursday evening.

BURGLARY/BUILDING: 3900 Block N MEDFORD. Complainant reported that a fenced covered area was broken into Wednesday night and keys to several vehicles and two tractors were stolen.  The suspects also cut some fuel lines on some vehicles.