Online classes in demand

by Christa Lollis

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - With the click of a button, you can be logged in and getting a college degree.

SFA student, Colleen Winans explains, "The teachers put up a syllabus and what's due everyday and they have times like most things are due by midnight so you have all day to do it."

Online classes have really picked up since gas prices started forcing people to spend less time on the road. Angelina College and SFA have increased the number of distance education classes each semester. And the enrollment numbers are proving that's the kind of college experience students are interested in.

SFA's Executive Director of Enrollment Management, Monique Cossich says, "Considering the financial pinch being felt by so many on our campus right now, the fact that we saw increased attendance shows we are finding some success in tailoring our offerings to the specific needs of today's students."

Colleen explains, "It fits into my busy schedule with work and taking 15 hours a semester, I can do classes at night instead trying to work around a schedule."

By logging in at home or work, students like Colleen have the chance to get a degree without ever setting foot in a classroom. Even though it keeps your gas tank full, she says one downfall is that it takes away quality face time. "I get to know my professors in class so that helps out a lot cause I can go see them in office hours and they kind of know you better and know more about you versus online its not personal."

If more classes were offered online she says she be spending a lot more time on the computer.   And as long as the price of gas is so high, the number of empty chairs in classrooms may keep growing.

For more information on online courses at Angelina College you can go to and for SFA you can visit