Backpack drive

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - An overflowing box is full of backpacks, and there were school buses are filled to the roof with school supplies. The junior league is donating all of it to East Texas students.

Sharon Kruk, a member of the Junior Leagues said, "We are able to donate to 36 area schools so all the way from Central to Zavalla, Huntington. I mean we've got all of the local districts covered. So we feel good that we're helping all of the students of Angelina County."

And they're helping parents save money. "You know it costs so much to fill up a tank of gas it's hard to think about how I'm going to go out and buy hundreds of dollars in school supplies for your kids," Kruk said.

Donations were steadily coming in and then a group from Donna Quarels studio packed the school bus with 88 backpacks.

As a mother, Quarels knows how much it can take out of your wallet to fill up a back pack so she wanted to help East Texas families that might not be able to afford it. She explains, "This was just something that I felt while we were getting ready for back to school and we were fortunate enough that my kids have whatever they need and we realize there's a lot of kids that don't."

And the Junior League wants parents to have one less worry on their minds as the school year approaches. Kruk says, "Parents have to pay for uniforms, school supplies, backpacks so we're here just to be able to help those parents out and be able to get kids started off on the right foot on the first day of school."

The Junior League sends close to 2000 Angelina County students to school ready to learn with their new backpacks every year.