Baby born day early after wreck in Lufkin

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - "I feel good. Thanks to the Good Lord, I feel good," says Victoria Mitchell.

While running last minute errands the day before her baby girl was expected to come into this world, the unthinkable happened.

"When we pulled out, the car hit us from behind. We spun twice, hit the tree, then I bounced into Joe's lap, then came back and flew out the window," says Mitchell.

Victoria Mitchell and Joe Bailey left the Dollar Store in their Dodge truck and were rear-ended by another car.

"What were you thinking during all of that? I lost my baby.  But I was in God's hands," says Mitchell.

Paramedics arrived and quickly took Mitchell to Woodland Heights.  After checking both mom and baby, doctors decided to take the baby early.

"They checked out the baby to make sure she was okay and she was. And I had cuts and bruises so they checked me out and then they did an emergency C-Section," says Mitchell.

The baby is seven pounds, eight ounces, with a full head of hair and a little pink bow.  Nurse Rose Johnson says both mom and baby are doing fine, despite the wreck.

"The baby is perfect. No injuries whatsoever, no affects from the accident," says Johnson.

And after a surgery Tuesday on mom's arm, hopefully both will be able to go home.

"Mom should have 100% percent recovery. It will be much longer than a normal c-section, but she should recover 100% from this accident," says Johnson.

Mitchell says she also wants to thank the woman whose yard they wrecked in. She came outside to help then came to the hospital.

"She also came back today and will be back tomorrow.  She's my guardian angel," says Mitchell.

But there's no mistaking where most of the "thank you's" are being directed.

"The man up above, I'm in his hands.  So it will work out. Everything will be just fine," says Mitchell.