Lufkin stores stocking up for Tax-Free Weekend

By Mystic Matthews

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - The tax free holiday has been going on for a number of years and it's designed to give parents a much needed break when it comes to buying school clothes for their kids.

Just like in years past, this year only items individually priced under $100 are exempt.

That includes school uniforms, socks and some accessories like belts and baseball hats.

What is not included; school supplies, like pens, paper, notebooks and some back packs.

"People are looking for any kind of break that they can get, and I think that the tax exempt status on the clothing is really going to help out considerably.  And again, the way the price are on gasoline and food pricing, and so forth and just the general state of the economy; I think they'll take advantage of that.  We hope they will, and we're going to prepare for a busy weekend," says Target store manager Kris Hoepfner.

Tax free weekend starts Friday and ends Sunday.

For a complete list of exempt/non exempt items, click here.