Businesses Beware of Scam Letter

This is a warning to businesses to watch out for scam letters. A scam letter is targeting Texas businesses, stating they are with the State Corporate Compliance.

They are asking corporate businesses to send a check for $325, to pay for a minutes book. Our sister station KCBD in Lubbock researched the letter, and found many online websites warning businesses not to fall for this.  A  Lubbock CPA said on Wednesday one of his clients received the letter and was concerned.  He sent out his own letter warning all his clients to beware of this scam.

"File a complaint with the Attorney General's Office, obviously don't send in the money because you can keep corporate minutes on a blank sheet of paper, you don't have to pay somebody to send you a minutes book for $325," said Lubbock CPA Duane Allen.

The Texas Attorney General's Office says the information the letter is requesting is not required by law.

If you have received one of these letters you should notify the Texas Attorney General's Office, and send them a copy.

Their website is:

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