Where's the money?

by Christa Lollis

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Jerry White has been outside the grove apartments for two days holding these signs that claim the complex doesn't pay up. The general manager says that's because white never finished his to do list. "We have his check we just aren't going to pay him cause we are finding things that he didn't do," Jennifer Rambin explained.

She also said the company, White's Paint, was supposed to make units ready for move in, but she says green walls and some apartments without fresh paint doesn't meet their standards. But White says he wasn't supposed to do full paint jobs. "Black marks, a little dirt on the walls, just touch up, that's exactly what it is, it's touch up paint," White said. And he claims he did exactly that.

But The Grove isn't the only place whites work ethic has been questioned. Another local apartment complex says, this is his typical work that eventually led to his firing. "We would have to go back into apartments and walk them two or three times after he said I'm done with that and it wasn't completed," a former employer who wished to remain anonymous explained.

And the problems with this contractor apparently don't stop there. Both complexes allege he stole from residents. The former employer said, "Residents would complain about things being moved or missing, small items, similar to what The Grove experienced, change or food."

The Groves own employee is even pointing the finger at White and his crew for stealing meat from their freezer and a vacuum. White denies those claims. He says, "My truck would be smelling pretty, pretty raunchy right about now with spoiled shrimp or whatever, hamburger meat and a vacuum cleaner. We paint, we don't have any need for a vacuum cleaner, we're painters. You can't put paint on a wall with a vacuum cleaner."

While the allegations of theft were made, no charges have been filed by either complex. And White denies he has ever taken anything. He says all he wants is to be paid for the job he did. "The moment that you're finished, that's when you're supposed to get paid. When you purchase something in the store you buy it , you either scan your card or you purchase it, you pay cash. I'm not asking for cash. They say they had a check on the desk for me, walk it out the gate to me and we'll walk away from here."

But The Grove isn't ready to hand over the check just yet, they're still trying to figure out how much of the work White actually completed.