Brazos Transit System getting $335,000 grant

By Mystic Matthews

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Buses come in and out of Jennings Station every weekday and now thanks to a federal grant, $96 million is being allocated to bus transit systems just like ours across the country.

Texas is one of the largest recipients of that money, with more than $30 million heading here.  Of that, $11.6 million is going to small urban transit systems like Brazos.

"The Brazos transit system that operates right here in Angelina County is getting over $300,000 to go toward their fleet of buses. "

Brazos Transit also operates in Cleveland, Nacogdoches and Bryan/College Station.  T.H. Wilson, Sr. runs the bus stop at Jennings Station.

He says although our buses are in good shape, they could always use some help.

"Several hundred thousand dollars would make a big difference in necessary repairs or updating the system we have and I'm sure the bus drivers would love a raise. They wouldn't object to that," says Wilson.

Riders like Mary Lillian Blaylock really depend on the system, so any money allocated to keep it running is appreciated.

"I really don't know what I would do because I don't have a relative in the Angelina area and I don't have a vehicle, so I'm really blessed to have the trolley bus system," says Blaylock who thinks the buses are great.

"Just very, very nice. They always ask if the A/C is too cool or if we need more. I have no complaints."

The Brazos Transit System services hundreds of people every day. Wilson says that number is increasing with the current economic conditions, and the money can only make it better.

Of the $30 million coming to Texas alone, 51 transit agencies will benefit from this federal grant.

And to help address any additional funding shortages, another $1 million is available to local transit systems with match requirements.