Kelly trial: 'Booger Red' takes the stand, says kids are lying

By Courtney Lane

Tyler, TX (EAST TEXAS NEWS)- They say the children are lying. Patrick "Booger Red" Kelly testified in court today, denying allegations of sexually assaulting children.

The defense said today that Booger Red is a family man. They claim he never touched the children, he never ran a 'kindergarten' that taught the children to perform sexual acts, and he never visited the so-called Mineola Swingers' Club.

'Booger Red' also told prosecutors he never threatened his son, who was taken into CPS custody while they investigated these sexual assault allegations.

"You didn't want CPS talking to your boy did you?" asked Smith County assistant district attorney Joe Murphy. "Sir?" replied Kelly.

"You didn't want CPS talking to your son, did you?" Murphy asked again.

"I didn't care if CPS talked to them or not," said Kelly.

"Well then, why would you tell him, don't talk to anyone about this?" asked Murphy, before Kelly's defense attorney objected to the line of questioning.

His wife, Rose Kelly, backed up her husband. During cross-examination, she said she never made this statement about her stepson.

"'Boogie has been soiling his pants and wetting his pants ever since they got him. The doctor could find nothing wrong.' Why did you tell her that?" asked Murphy.

"I did not tell her that," replied Rose.

"That would be a lie then, right?" said Murphy. "Yes," came the reply from Rose. "Just like all these little girls who were sitting up here, pointing at Booger Red. In your opinion they're lying as well right?" asked Murphy.

"Yes, they are lying," said Rose.

They claim complete innocence and that the children are making all of this up. As for the Mineola Swinger's Club? The Kellys say they've never seen it.

Now, they did say a couple of the children would come visit. They say they would country line dance but nothing inappropriate ever happened.

"This dancing, did people have their clothes on?" asked Kelly's defense attorney of Rose Kelly. "Yes sir," she replied. "Was there any kind of sexual touching going on between anyone dancing?" asked the defense. "No sir," said Rose.

"Did you make the kids do any kind of sexual dancing?" asked the defense of Patrick Kelly.

"No sir, we did not," said Booger Red.

"Did you know anything about silly pills?" the defense asked.

"No sir, I do not," replied Booger Red.

Later this afternoon, the defense also called two people who attended the Mineola Swingers' Club. They testified that they had never seen 'Booger Red' or any of the other defendants there.

The trial is set to continue Monday morning at 8:00 am, and the defense still has more witnesses to call to the stand.