Unknown Soldier

by Christa Lollis

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) -A highly ranked soldiers uniform was dropped off at Goodwill in Nacogdoches a few weeks ago.

Today, the uniform still sits in the window with a sign, hoping that somebody will claim it. The store thought it might have been a mistake and don't want to sell it just in case. The store manager has been talking with other soldiers trying to get information about the uniform.

Through chat rooms they've said, it probably wasn't a mistake. An anonymous soldier said in the chat, "The sad part is that the people at Goodwill think it's a mistake. My wife and I go to auctions quite frequently. Seeing military uniforms for sale is quite common. People just don't seem to care what Grandpa or Uncle Bob did in the war. They are more than happy to sell their family history for a few bucks."

Goodwill did manage to get some information about the rankings of the soldier. They know the soldier was in the third brigade, 82nd airborne, 505th battalion parachute infantry.  They also know he was a sergeant first class and he was in combat in 1983 in Grenada and in Desert Storm.  They were also informed that he had to have been in the army in the last twenty years and is also a retired air force sergeant.

Anyone with information about who this uniform could belong to should contact the Goodwill in Nacogdoches.   They are thinking about donating it to a museum if it isn't claimed.