High School Hero - 8/06

by Jessica Cervantez

With a new school year about to begin, most high school students spend every remaining hour of summer relaxing. That is not true for all students. Some young people would rather spend their time helping others.

"Candy stripers" who volunteer at Nacogdoches Medical Center are high school heroes.

No one makes the students volunteer, they want to help others. Candy striper Ashley Hall loves the patient involvement the best. Hall said, "I get more out of it, not necessarily money."

Whether it is putting up supplies, making copies, or taking water to patients the candy stripers say their job is rewarding. Hall said, "It feels good to know I am actually helping patients. I get to see them get better."

Although the candy stripers may not work directly with the patients, they love their job. Not only is it fun, but it helps the volunteers develop valuable life skills. Candy striper Jamie Jones said, "It is rewarding because you learn skills that will help you later on in life."

These volunteers know it takes a special person to devote their time and energy to do what they do.