TISD considering elimination of corporal punishment

By Danielle Capper

TYLER, TX (EAST TEXAS NEWS)- To spank - or not to spank. That is the question one east Texas school district is pondering.

The Tyler ISD school board is considering removing corporal punishment as an optional disciplinary tool.

Under the current policy, it is allowed, but only if parents give the school permission.

"I thought my God, what are they thinking. No! I just couldn't believe they are even considering it. At least let the parents have that option."

Drunita Arps not only supports the use of spanking in schools, but say she's seen it's effectiveness in her own family

"There are some children that need a little bit more behavior. And I don't think government should decide okay no more period the end. First stop praying. Now, teachers can't touch you. They don't have any control over their classroom," said Drunita Arps.

"I think that a child should be spanked if they are doing something that is disrespectful to the teacher, if they are doing something they are not supposed to be doing," said Larry Kalmowitz, the father of 4 TISD kids.

But not everyone agrees.

"I think corporal punishment is very ineffective because it has no lasting impact on students, especially on high school age students. I think the more effective punishment is something that is going to be longer lasting like detention or in school suspension," said Lana Brady.

"A lot of political correctness now has opened up a whole new set of problems for us."

Rick Higginbotham, a 13 year east Texas teacher, says he saw the use of corporal punishment decline.

"There just wasn't a whole lot that you could use that you could say, look this is the way it's going to be or this is going to happen," said Higginbotham.  "I don't think that's good. I think I've also seen more problems as a result of less emphasis on corporal punishment."

TISD couldn't go on camera today but issued a statement saying they are focusing on academic achievement, and that quality instruction helps engage students and reduces misbehavior.

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