Chireno teens recover following good care and prayer

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Since Friday morning four parents have waited anxiously at the intensive care unit of Nacogdoches Memorial Hospital. Their sons were in a serious automobile accident on Highway 21, about six miles east of San Augustine.

The parents of Richard Miller, 18 and Kyle Moore, 16,  were told their sons could die. Kyle's father, Raymond Moore recalled,  " The doctor tells us, basically, that there's not any hope for our son. That we better start praying. " A countless number followed the doctor's orders. Richard's father, Richard E. Miller spoke of the many family and friends who stood vigil outside the ICU. " They all came to visit and everything and they sent out prayers for us. "

The odds were against the Chireno teens, yet there were so many things working in their favor. Take the 911 call placed by Miller's aunt, Kotresa miller. The accident happened in front of her house. She couldn't recognize the injured, but over heard talk that led to her concern.  " When they said they were two guys from Chireno, that's when I thought, you know, it could have been him, " said Miller. Then Moore learns a friend, a pastor drove up on the wreck. Prayer began immediately. A malfunctioned airplane prevented a life flight to a bigger hospital, but a Nacogdoches neurosurgeon was called in. Moore's sister, Tasha Smith works for him. She understood better than anyone what the doctors were saying.  " In my mind I knew what they were saying and I was processing it, but in my heart I knew that God was going to pull him through, 100%," said Smith.

They say faith led them to good news. Richard's mom, Thelma Miller shared what gave her encouragement. " When he opened his eyes. Then when I first come in he told me he was ready to come home. " Kyle's mom wanted to participate in today's story, but emotion got the best of her.  During a morning visitation with her son he begged her not to leave, but her designated amount of time with her son had passed. She had to have some 'alone time' to recover. Her husband said,    " It was in the lord's hands.   I prayed with him (Kyle)  this morning. I said, 'Son, without Him you wouldn't be here. Kyle understood that. He gives us a thumbs up sign and really understands that. "

Richard has a collapsed lung. Kyle has a brain injury. The sixteen year old was the driver. Moore explained, " He lost control, for whatever reason, we don't know. He went off the right hand side of the road and hit a culvert and then he went to the left side and hit a telephone pole. "

No one is casting blame. They share too much to be bothered by that. Instead they give each other hugs and stop by each boy's room during visitation.