Daingerfield soldier finally home after being killed in Iraq

DAINGERFIELD - The body of an East Texas soldier is finally home tonight after he was killed at his base in Afghanistan.

Last week, 23 year old Private Alex Mattox of Daingerfield was killed when a weapon being worked on by someone in his division went off, hitting him.

"Everybody that knew him or knew of him is here and real proud," said Scott Mattox, Alex's uncle.

"It meant a lot to us and a lot to Alex and I know he'd be proud."

For Mattox's military comrades, their presence here is to honor their fallen soldier.

"It's not about us that are out here in these uniforms, it's all about that soldier that's coming back right now. He's made a sacrifice for this nation that nobody should ever forget," said Major Gregory Stokes.

SFC Enrique Suarez said, "Even though he knew the consequences and the end results...I don't wish it on nobody, but he did a great service to his country."

As the Mattox family holds on to one another, they remember the good times with Alex, and the memories that keep them strong.

"He was one of the life of the parties at the family get togethers. He's going to be missed. He did what he wanted to do and that was serve this country and do what he though was right and we all supported him for it,"

East Texans patriots like Shelia Manning supports him, too.

"It's so important for me personally to come out and just show my respect however I can."

A brave East Texas soldier whose final destination has led him home, where he belongs - with his family.

"It's a sad and proud moment for all of us," said Scott.

Funeral services for Private Mattox will be held Thursday at 2:00 pm at South Union Baptist Church in Daingerfield.