Family spots Jesus in a sink; inspires U.S. soldier overseas

ALBANY, LA - Robb Keppler says he asked for a sign and he got it.  In the form of Jesus in his bathroom sink.

Keppler lives in the Livingston Parish town of Albany with his daughter in law, her child and one on the way.   His 21-year-old husband, Private E2 Brandon Keppler is serving overseas.

Before Brandon joined the Army, his father says the soldier had some hard times with a relationship that went bad and he subsequently suffered with depression.  The soldier went into a hospital, and his family says, talked of taking his own life. 

His father struggled hard to keep the family intact.  A praying man, he asked for a sign.  "Let me know something," Rob Keppler recalls saying.  "I was having a hard time dealing with it myself and stepped out the shower one night and saw it plain as day right there," he said as he pointed to a rusty spot in his sink.

Was this simply a rust spot caused by the slow drip of water, or was this a sign, an image of Jesus?  Robb Keppler has no doubt.   "It is an image of Jesus, a clear sign," he says.

"After we saw the image, everything just started coming together," Keppler said.  He says his son is now doing fine, serving in Afghanistan, and his life has straightened out.

Private Keppler knows about the sign. His father awakened him that night.  Private Keppler says keeps the image in mind as he battles in the mountains.

The soldier spoke to 9NEWS from Afghanistan Tuesday, about the image in the sink.

"I love my family," Private Keppler said.  "I love everybody who supports me to do this. I'm only 21 years old, this is the worst thing I've been in in my life.  I hope it the last one."

The Kepplers know there will be some who doubt what they see.  But they have no doubt in their minds.  "You know, you want to believe," Robb Keppler said.  "You pray and you hope, and then this happens with our son, this little prayer came. It was like a miracle, you know."