Lufkin Police Report - 8/21/08

BURGLARY/BUILDING: 10 BLOCK OF WOODHUE CT. Complainant reported that a small outboard boat motor was stolen from his storage building sometime during the past two weeks.

BURGLARY/HABITATION: 3200 BLOCK OF OLD UNION. Complainant reported that his apartment was broken into and a car speaker box stolen early Thursday morning.

BURGLARY/VEHICLE: 1800 BLOCK OF W FRANK. Complainant reported that her car was broken into and several hundred dollars in cash was stolen Wednesday night.

THEFT: 700 BLOCK OF LYNN. Complainant reported that an unknown male suspect stole her son's bicycle from a neighbor's yard Wednesday evening.

WELFARE CONCERN: 100 BLOCK OF E DENMAN. A known suspect reported that a woman was threatening to harm herself.  The woman was contacted and said the information reported was found to be false and baseless and the woman said the suspect keeps making these false reports to harass her.  The reporting officer will request a warrant on the suspect for making a false report about her.

THEFT/C: 600 BLOCK OF S TIMBERLAND DR. Complainant reported that a woman placed a bottle of water and a soft drink in her purse Wednesday and left the store without paying for the items.

THEFT/C: 700 BLOCK OF S TIMBERLAND DR. Complainant reported that a bottle of pain medication was stolen from him sometime during the week.  He wasn't sure if it was taken from his truck or his workplace.

HARASSMENT: 100 BLOCK OF BYNUM. Complainant reported receiving a threatening phone message from a known suspect Wednesday.  It was apparent from the message that the caller was trying to call someone else.

THEFT: 100 BLOCK OF W SHEPHERD. Complainant reported that several lengths of pipe were stolen Wednesday afternoon.