State of the University address lines out the 85th year for SFA

NACOGDOCHES, TX ( KTRE ) - An aging chemistry building can become the university's state of the art molecular science center.   It's the one and only improvement SFA President Dr Baker Patillo is putting before the state for revenue bonds.   " We can use everyone's assistance on this one. " Patillo explained why before hundreds of faculty and staff at SFA's Grand Ballroom during his State of the University Address.

The university received a total of $46-million dollars in revenue bonds during the last two sessions. This year $43-million dollars is requested.   Patillo said,  " I will tell you that it's very competitive in Austin. It's very competitive among various universities. There's much resentment from a number of universities that SFA received this $43-million because many of them did not receive anything. "

Just as students learn to accept change so does its leaders. Take for instance, the donated Kentucky Fried Chicken headquarters. It will be torn down in January. Renovation was the plan for a new nursing building. Instead, it will be new from the ground up.

Six top level administration positions are filled, but a favorite dean to East Texas forestry retires. Patillo told the crowd,  " Dr. Scott Beasley has been Dean of Forestry for 16 years at this university. " A standing ovation followed. Among the group were 61 new faculty members join.

All are expected to participate in Strategic Plan 2013. The number one initiative is serve the student. Next on the list is improving faculty and staff compensation. SFA Faculty Senate Chair, Sally Ann Swearingen said,  " All we see is hope that this trend will continue and that faculty will be getting and receiving the adjustment in an annual basis, not just a one time basis. "

Following a Happy Birthday sing along SFA's 85th school year officially began.

Other highlights in State of the University Address:

"The issue is dead.": Patillo referring to the decision not to build a new softball/baseball complex.
The groundbreaking of a new education center, including space for the SFA Charter School.
Two property purchases
Director of Marketing search continuing, but position will be restructured.
Plan to hire a vice president of development to assist in seeking outside funding for faculty research projects
Debate currently underway in Austin over university funding formulas.
More accountability, including a university report card on performance is being proposed. University begins to prepare for reaffirmation of accreditation for 2011