Insurance battle in court

by Christa Lollis

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - George Horn Junior hasn't been able to do much on his own for 10 years. His mom has been taking care of him since an accident on highway 94 left him paralyzed. He said, "I just appreciate everything she's done for me and I love her for that."

The person driving the car he was in died. Horn survived, but at age 23 was left a paraplegic. "There's no break. There's no rest. It's just a daily thing you have to get up and it's just a schedule," He said.

During the last 10 years his mother has had to quit her job and devote all her time to her son because, they've received no settlement from Home State Mutual Insurance Company. His mother, Gertha Mae Horn said, "They don't want to help him. My son is a young man and he needs help. One day he needs to get out on his own and he wants to own his own place. He wants to live a ordinary, just like anybody else do."

Within the last year the court ruled in favor of Horn but then in June, that judgement was overturned. And their lawyer says, that shouldn't have happened. "Without any factual or legal justification what so ever, the Tyler Court of Appeals took away a judgement from George that he had gotten fairly and squarely in the district court in Sabine County," Davis explained.

Now, George is 33 and living a much different lifestyle than before. He's even had to give up art which was his passion. All he wants is the money he says he is owed. He wants to eventually be able to move out of his mothers house and have a life of his own.

His mother wants to know he'll be ok when she's not around. She explains, "I'm not getting any younger. I'm getting older and I can't do it. I get down in my back and it's getting to the point where I'm going to have to have some help."

Help that they hope comes soon. They are trying to get into the Texas Supreme Court to get the appeal overturned so that the insurance company will have to pay them.

KTRE made several attempts to contact the insurance company but our calls were never returned. Horns lawyer says if you want to make a difference in this case or others like it you should write letters to your elected officials.