Ricky Turner gets adult stem cells in China, sees marked improvement in paralysis

TYLER (KTRE) - You can call it a remarkable comeback for a former east Texas police lieutenant. In August of 2006, a car accident paralyzed Henderson Lieutenant Ricky Turner.

Docters said Turner would be paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life. But now, two years later, Turner is moving in ways he could not before.

"They said I would never be able to control my torso, that's not there," says Ricky Turner as he bends forward. "...and, it's there."

To see Ricky Turner bend and move his limbs is simply amazing.

"I can now feel touch on my arm. It used to be that I couldn't feel someone touch me here or there. Now I can."

Doctors told Ricky he would never move from his neck down, but after spending a month in China he's doing the impossible.

"I'm probably about 25 to 30 percent stronger than I was. I used to able to lift about two pounds now I'm up to about 40 pounds," said Lt. Turner.

At the Hang Zhou Hospital, Turner's medical team injected adult stem cells into his spine. Turner says without the treatment, he couldn't move the way he does now.

"The best thing about it is I don't feel any pain in my back bone...Most of my nurses were God fearing Christian people and they'd come in [and say], 'Ricky let me pray for you'."

Although Ricky's trip to China helped improve his strength, Ricky's determination and faith helped, too.

"A big part of it is the stem cell, a big part of it is the therapy and exercising everyday but the most important part of it is faith in God," Lt. Turner told us.

Ricky also said the Chinese doctors have offered for Ricky to come back to China for another treatment - and this one may help him stand!