Become a team player for a child's education

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Nacogdoches teachers are in the winning spirit. A morning reception in their honor, complete with freebies and lots of food got them pumped for Monday morning, the first day of school. School board president Tom Davis said,  " We're all headed toward the same goal and that's success for our students. "

That would be called team work. Education expert, Dr. Debbie Silver knows,  " It takes everybody. We've got parents on the same team, the bus drivers, the cafeteria workers. It takes everybody. "

Carpenter elementary involves their students by choosing All-Stars.   Teacher Sumer Howard explained, " They take responsibility for their own learning. They come to school prepared and they're ready to learn and we make it fun for them to learn. " All-Star, Destiny Trotty was invited to the special breakfast. She described what a student has to do to become an All-Star.  " They listen to their teachers and guess, be nice. "

Parent involvement is more challenging, but so very important. Mike Moses Middle School teacher Donna Johnson suggests,  " Everyday sit down and ask your child what they learned today and what happened in school. Just don't take the shrug for an answer. Just keep digging. Eventually you'll get find something. "

But where do you get the time? Carpenter Elementary principal, Terrence Archie assigns,  " Time management. A very good instructional tool. They can be utilized at home. It helps the student first of all to prioritize their day. They can sit down possibly the night before, the weekend before and actually map out their week. "

Before long you'll find yourself marching to a different drummer. Everybody in your household and classroom will be ready for a year of learning.