Memorial recognized for Hyperbaric Chamber treatments

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - It's a way to go "diving" without ever leaving solid ground and Memorial Health Systems has received an award for using it.

It is a Hyperbaric Chamber that treats cancer patients, while in 100% oxygen.

While it won't help cure cancer, it will help with the wounds caused by cancer.

When a patient is exposed to excess radiation, it causes tissue destruction, called Radionecrosis.

The oxygen in the hyperbaric chamber enhances the body's natural healing process, realigning body tissue, therefore healing the wounds.

Dr. Royce read explains why it's referred to as diving.

"When you are in a hyperbaric chamber, it simulates being below the sea.  If you dive down 33 feet, you are at 2 atmospheres, which is what we treat people at."

The chamber is not so good for claustrophobic patients, because they are in a glass tube.  But Dr. Read says it's a very relaxing procedure.

Memorial recently participated in the largest national study ever conducted.

The purpose was to help define Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber benefits.

Memorial was recognized with a certificate of excellence for their participation and contributions.