Red dirt round up

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - With music and events throughout Festival Plaza, the Red Dirt Round Up brought an estimated 6 thousand people to downtown Nacogdoches.

That means tourists are getting a look at what the oldest town in Texas has to offer. "Anytime we can get 5,000 people downtown to see our great brick streets, even if they're not shopping today, they're seeing it so they'll probably come back again next time," Sarah O'Brien with Main Street explained.

Smith music events of Fort Worth holds events like this in other cities and last year set their sights on East Texas. O'Brien said, "They were interested in branching out and Nacogdoches is a good spot to get all these smaller communities that aren't near Dallas or near Houston or near Austin so they were really looking for a location in East Texas to branch out the event and we were just happy to have them."

The festival brought a big city feeling to this small town park and big money to the economy. "Anytime you can bring tourism dollars to your community, they're not using your infrastructure so they're not using anything of the taxpayers so that's just outside dollars being in fluxed into the community, so that's always good," she said.

And once the concert is over, the tourists will spend money throughout the city. "Most of them are going to stop at the gas station to fill up with gas or stop at Wal Mart so they're going to be spending money in Nacogdoches which is great for the tax base," O'Brien explained.

There is already talk of bringing the festival back next year because of this years success.